Take away Infinite's F2P model and it'll fix the over monetization

Tell 343 and Xbox to take away the F2P model, because that’s the problem is that Infinite’s model is F2P, a rather typical greedy F2P model. Include it with the base game and make everything unlockable through campaign and of course MP.

That’s pretty much the only way this is going to work.


Except the typical gamer is quite the drone and will purchase the battlepass and maybe white, because they want to look different and special and as long as they don’t spend $60 they can justify themselves with it

If enough of the community is upset about this, mind you a lot of the big Halo content creators (hidden Xperia, ubernick, etc) are upset about this also, then the community can come together and change it. The MP is the way that it is because of the communities feedback. Maybe that can impact the model of Infinite going from F2P back to P2P.

Free to play doesn’t have to be exclusive with fair monetization and progression. I hate to say it, but we’d probably see the same exact store if the game was $60.

I, in fact, disagree with the idea of removing Halo Infinite’s F2P system. I understand the monitization and the approach to F2P. However, I will say that all purchasers of the Campaign should be able to get the battle passes for free. 343 could install a system to make this work so people can’t just trade disks to farm away at it, yet it could be possible.
Possibly, people who buy the Campaign could get a way how to earn credits while playing the Campaign. Perhaps you get credits like you get score in MCC Campaigns, so you get more for each harder difficulty and for each skull.

Oh yeah, it’s just that simple. Just make the game not FTP. Can’t believe you came up with this brilliant plan lol. Hey Microsoft! Why don’t you guys STOP making money? Did you think of that?

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You don’t see the problem do you?

The problem some are having which is why it’s being discussed is that Infinite’s F2P model is being over monetized. In the test flights, it was stated that armor would be unlocked primarily through the BP and that the BP would never expire. While this is true, there are cosmetics that are on the in-game store, plus you can literally purchase the premium currency, which was originally thought the BP was going to be a simple one time purchase. There was originally no thought to premium currency.

But there are armor sets (besides the HCS armor) which aren’t unlockable through the BP. The thought was that these armor sets were going to be unlocked through the BP as well, not the store. So yes, some are upset with the Infinite’s F2P model being over monetized than originally 343 stated.

Bringing Infinite MP back to being P2P and including it with the base game for the $60 price tag and being included with game pass also would likely fix a lot of frustration. 343 and Xbox are following a trend that Halo doesn’t need to follow to be accessible to everyone.

There’s ways to make it work, but as it is, is not it. I have a hard time believing they want this game to last 5-10 years because most of us are not going to pay a subscription for that long to enjoy a game.

People who play the longest on these types of models, spend 1000s. I just don’t see the value in that, and most won’t.

I know that’s just not gonna happen. We gotta set our sights lower. There is room to make progress there, however, just not this much

Neither do you comprehend the implications of what a change of this size would mean for everyone involved in Halo Infinite.

Pal, this isn’t just flipping a switch and slapping a price tag on it.
That’s not how it works and the way you argue just shows that you’ve found yourself a cheap way out without thinking all its implication through.