Take all weapons out of Halo 5

They’re all either OP, or useless . Melee only. Thoughts?

I’ve been hoping for “Halo 5: Diplomacy” since October.

That’s exactly what I’ve been saying! :unamused:

Finally! A post that represents my own individual needs! I sure do hope I am not flamed on.

Remove melee while you’re at it. Takes no skill to use.

Better yet, remove Halo 5. That game takes no skill to use unlike Halo 3 (the Messiah of all FPS’, amirite guys lolol).

Haha. I get the joke. But in all seriousness, some weapons and vehicles in the game do need some tweaks and, as individuals in the community, it is our job to point these out. Everyone in the community is entitled to there own opinion on what needs to be tweaked in the game, whether you agree with them or not it up to you.

This wasn’t funny the first 39258 times I’ve seen it either. :stuck_out_tongue: