Tactical Slayer Has a Huge Accuracy Problem

Tactical slayer poops on your accuracy rating. Each individual bullet in the burst counts as a shot, but if you get them with the first bullet, the other two just count as you missing. So ironically the more accurate you are, the worse your accuracy will be in the stats.

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Why is this a problem? Your accuracy stat has no meaning or purpose.


It’s just there to boost his ego


I killed 2 people with 1 burst this evening…


Why do you even play the game then

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Pretty broad concept, could it be that people have fun in different ways?

I’m not really sure what you’re asking me. I play the game because I like the game. Your accuracy stat doesn’t mean anything. It has no bearing on whether you win or lose.

Of course it does. Higher accuracy means you miss less, which in a normal game is very important. This gametype is an anomaly

Right… that’s how accuracy works.

My point being… your tracked accuracy stat means nothing. If you’re getting kills, then your accuracy doesn’t matter.

Even in regular slayer, if you run around the map firing wildly into the sky, but you still get kills, complete objectives, etc. Then you can easily win the game even though your accuracy stat is terrible. It doesn’t matter.

And after the game, nobody really cares about your accuracy stat. It doesn’t earn you anything. It’s just meaningless data.

I went 14-4 in a Ranked CTF match with an accuracy of 46.01

My teammate went 7-5 with an accuracy of 47.65

Lol accuracy don’t mean -yoink-

That’s also true. You can hit 100% of your shots and still get stomped.

Me too, but I didn’t fully understand how that happened until reading this thread.

Tell me you’ve never played SWAT before, without telling me you’ve never played SWAT before.

Being inaccurate is bad. It means you’re missing too much. In the case of normal games, it can get teammates killed, lose you the objectives, allow people to escape with power weapons and power ups, etc.

You want to land as many shots as possible and not just spray and pray and maybe get lucky kills every now and again. When you see someone with 30% accuracy in most game types, they’re likely being a team anchor

If you land 100% of your shots (you’re probably cheating for starters), and you’re doing more to help the team win than someone that lands 25%. Guaranteed.

Sure, but I’ve had times where I had the highest accuracy in the lobby with the worst K/D and least amount of damage dealt. In the case of SWAT, everyone understands that your accuracy will be lower due to the nature of the mode.

In fact, nobody is looking at your accuracy in the first place so there is no point to worry about it, especially when you know how it functions in SWAT.

That’s all I’m trying to say. At the end of the day, yes, it’s good to hit the shots you take. But your raw accuracy stat does not necessarily coorelate to how well you contributed to the game. It does not (for example) coorelate to your K/D, nor how many flags you’ve captured, nor how long you’ve held the Oddball.

I could theoretically have (through whatever means) 100% accuracy in a Slayer game. But if that 100% accuracy came in the form of me always hitting three body shots on an enemy before dying, then I will actively be losing the game for my team.

And where’s the Problem?

I don’t want the game to make it seem like I’m inaccurate just because of a technicality