Tactical Slayer aka SWAT

So the Tactical Slayer in Halo Infinite…
… why are we forced here to play with Sidekick, Mangler and Stalkerrifle? Please 343i… If someone of the team is reading this, please consider to bring up some seperated playlists for the other weapon variants. It is a pain in the butt if one wants to play some old school SWAT matches and then has to wait 5 rounds to get finally the BR as a starter weapon. Let us choose, for gods sake.


Bring back BRs starts


The only one I don’t like is the Mangler starts. BR is standard, Stalkerrifle is like the DMR and Magnum/sidekick starts have been a thing in SWAT for a long time.


This is one of those topics where they simply cannot please everyone. I for one do not want to play SWAT with BRs only. I like the mix. But I also understand that other people dislike the other weapons. Unfortunately, making two distinct SWAT playlists would dilute the population too much.


If they would just weight the BR a little heavier.

I don’t actually mind the other weapons so much (the mangler has grown on me considerably), I just don’t want to go 10 matches without a BR


Thats exactly my point. They very well could please everyone by just adding a seperate playlist of Mixed Tactical Slayer (the way it currently is) and the ones with each weapon seperated too, like BR Tac. Slayer and Mangler Tac. Slayer.


I agree. Thats completely my point too. If i want to play some games with friends, like back in the old days, i dont want to get into 10 matches with other weapons first before i get the old days feeling with the BR. I dont hate the other variants completely. I just don’t like it that they force them to us.

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Yeah i believe it has been a thing since Halo 4 if i remember that correctly. With Swatnum being just randomly in the Swat Playlist as well. Didn’t like that back in the days either. Not the weapon in Swat per se. But the fact that we had no choice.


The game’s population cannot support this. Adding two separate SWAT playlists exacerbates the problem. Then, consider people who want the ability to toggle off crossplay and it gets split even further. And then we have people who want separate BR and AR + Sidekick Team Slayer playlists… They can’t afford to create a baker’s dozen different playlists and then split them by console/PC and/or input device. Players both inside and outside the US will be searching much longer for games and then complain that they landed in a 100+ ping match.

I absolutely HATE the variants. They don’t handle very well compared to the BR’s. The sidekick is weak and I occasionally get one shot kills, otherwise it’s a battle of who can pull the trigger the most times. NOT SWAT. The mangler?? It has kinda grown on me but what is that thing? NOT SWAT. The Stalker? That is a laser sniper and belongs in a sniper playlist. Get in a battle with more than one enemy and the damn thing overheats and takes FOREVER to cool down. By then I’m dead. NOT SWAT! The commando is awful with it’s recoil and the aiming seems off, very off. NOT SWAT. Give us the DMR and/or other BR’s from previous games like H5 as those handled well, I had no complaints. These are just awful. Give us another playlist OR just give us TWO weapons in each match and let us CHOOSE. Give us the BR and one of these other variants if they insist on forcing them on us.


Tell me you never played Swat, without telling me. You did it!

I love the pistol starts because you have to be somewhat in decent range to tap people. Makes the mode more active than just the BR “I’m going to camp this corner and try to cross map everyone.”

I’m kinda whatever about the the other weapons outside of BR and pistol though. I don’t mind the stalker and mangler can be interesting at times, but meh.

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BR starts really should make up 50-75% of SWAT games with the other variants sprinkled in.

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I tried saying this before but apparently it takes over a week to get posts approved. Guess 343 doesn’t want my participation.

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I’ve really enjoyed the variants. I love how each one changes up the way you have to play / move around the map.

Sidewinders are spammy at mid to long distances so you can risk moving through areas of the map you wouldn’t otherwise. Manglers are fun, they encourage a more in your face confrontation - and you can crouch under oncoming fire. Commandos feel like DMR’s (if you are having trouble with the recoil then your aim, like mine, is rubbish). Stalker Rifles are a weird combination of DMR and Sniper Rifles - and you have to keep moving as your position is given up by the chemtrails.

I can see how hard core DMR fans wouldn’t like it though. You have to play differently with each one. And I guess, as a relative newcomer to SWAT, I can adapt.

Overall I think TS should be BR only. Rotate the variants through. Eg. Tuesday and Thursday nights. Or on weekends.

A little tip for Mangler SWAT is to get to high ground, and shoot onto those beneath or equal to you.

Because every week there are 2-3 “Get X kills with the Battle Rifle in PVP” challenges.

And if they just had normal SWAT then it’d be easy to grind those out in an hour or so.

And so in order to make sure you can’t do that, they have to ____ up the playlist with things no one wants or asked for on an RNG system so you have to roll the dice for the CHANCE to be able to do challenges.

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I agree that those challenges that lock you into having to wait for a specific game to come up are bad.

But this would one of the lesser evils. Obviously BR comes up in TS. But there is also Quick Play where it is 50% of games or more. Ranked where it’s 100% of games. Fiesta if you are feeling lucky. And of course it’s a weapon that’s on a few of the maps.

How many kills are we talking about?

I definitely disagree completely only because I don’t want Matchmaking as a whole like MCC. Where the Battle Rifle is seen to often and other weapons aren’t seen enough.

What they should do is spawn everyone with a Magnum with No Motion Sensor, No Grenades and Limited Ammo. Then have other weapons on map like the Battle Rifle, Manger, Shotguns, Disruptor, Stalker Rifle, and maybe the Sniper Rifle. :thinking: With this then players are looking for something better on map. Then add other gametypes to play like CTF, Oddball, Arena version of Total Control and so on.

It’s easy to add something in but harder to take it back out.
Somebody had a bright idea didn’t they.