Tactical Package and Support Upgrade Ideas

We all (or at least mostly all) are aware of the tactical packages and support upgrades for use in Halo 4. Most have purchased all of them already, myself included. However, you can’t deny that you’ve sometimes wondered if there could be a package/upgrade for what you want. Here, I have designed some ‘prestige’ packages and upgrades: Here, i want you to join me in the design of some interesting new ideas. And if enough hear us, maybe 343 themselves will.

Tactical Package
Name: Radiant Armor
Effect: When you die, creates a frag-grenade type light for 1 second. Heals adjacent allies.
Prerequisites: Frag Grenade (Master) and Assistant (Master)

Tactical Package
Name: Confetti Maker
Effect: When you use an assault weapon, you deal 3% more damage.
Hidden Effect: When you get a multikill with an assault weapon, each dead releases a frag grenade into the sky.
Prerequisites: Assault Rifle (Master), Suppressor (Master), Storm Rifle (Master).

Support Upgrade
Name: Bloodthirsty
Effect: You deal 10% more damage and take 15% more.
Hidden Effect: You move 2% faster.
Prerequisites: Spartan Spree (Master), Spartan Slayer (Master), From the Brink (Master)

Support Upgrade
Name: Tower of Strength
Effect: You take 10% less damage and deal 15% less.
Hidden Effect: You move 2% slower.
Prerequisites: Protector (Master), Close Quarters (Master), Avenger (Master)