Tactical Ops ultimate challenge broken 2 hours before deadline

2 hours till deadline for this week’s event, and my game stopped counting towards headshots in ultimate challenge.
I even restarted the game and console and swapped profile to my better half’s account, but it’s the same. My spartan’s core was glitching out as well with another visor and helmet than what I normally wear.

This is so devastating since this week’s ultimate reward is somewhat cool (it’s a backdrop, but still) and now I can’t progress towards getting it, stuck at 13/50 somehow.
This ain’t right. Used swaps to get there and everything.

On my better half’s account the mode is now just called tactical slayer, as if it ended early or something, and perhaps that’s why the progress is no longer happening.

They need to hand this out to everyone, like they did with the first week’s visor challenge.

343i, PLEASE give this backdrop to all who reached the ultimate challenge, since there really isn’t time left to address the issue at hand.

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Having the same issue. Was working perfectly until 1600 GMT then just stopped logging. Trying to finish this event and stalled by a shoddy service. Sods law


yeah they most definitely finished the event 2 hours prior to the announced schedule. This is really unacceptable.