Tactical Commmandos and Stalkers are fantastic

Way better than Sidekick swat! The Stryker variant should be present for swat with magnums anyways. Hope both are incorporated into default Tactical Slayer but I’m not holding my breath.


lol I have yet to get into one of these games, still BR’s + Sidekick’s for me :smiley:

I agree, they play pretty well. Not the biggest fan of commando, but that is probably due to my general disdain for the weapon itself.

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Idk what happened to this weapon but in the last flight it felt REAL good. Now it’s just awful.

I haven’t gotten a stalker swat match yet, but the commando in swat really goes to show how bad the gun is lol. The bloom is crazy on that thing even when tapping to shoot.

I figured it would be interesting. I’m on hiatus playing Elden ring though but I might play a few rounds later in the week

I expected commando swat to be nothing but chaotic spray n’ pray. I actually really liked it.

Some games are really good with stalker, but when the desync kicks in…yikes. frustrating.

Yeah I’ve played 1 game of each, enjoyed both (probably because I did well :sweat_smile:). But Stalkers plays basically the same as BRs (1 headshot, 3 body shot), but the guns AA and bullet mag is much lower, so you don’t get beamed to death immediately. Commandos is kind of strange, it felt uncommon to sit back and snipe and more run n’ gun because of the insane recoil forcing closer fights and full auto. Surprisingly fun.

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Yeah I gotta say, I’m enjoying these modes waaaayyyy more then pistols and manglers.

Shoulda led with that.

OP is half right. Commandos is fun.

Got Elden Ring yesterday for PC, can’t wait to play!

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The only reason I complain about infinite is because I love this game and when it gets right it’s really really right despite all the problems. Commando is the best one in rotation for sure! The mess ups with this game are unforgivable because of how much this game gets right.

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i enjoyed the commando in the flight. now i dont even pick it up. they made the ravanger and pulse carbine worse too. the only good change was the heatwave with faster projectiles. should remove the bloom on the commando and make it projectile based if they wanna add difficulty. I mostly used the commando as a medium ranged weapon. I imagine pros dont like it because it beat the br at eveything. that could be solved with projectiles and give pros a secondary weapon along side their br so that they can stand a chancce at whatever the sandbox throws at them.

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I didn’t really like the Mangler at first, but when everyone is forced to use it, I started to get a decent amount of kills and I’ve warmed to it. Now I actively go for it in other modes!

Haven’t had many games of the two “new” guns yet to have a definitive opinion of them in Tactical Slayer yet

It’s amazing. What the standard should be for gaming today.

You should have been going for it in other modes regardless lol. Its a 1 shot+melee combo.


I just found it difficult to use at first :sweat_smile: