Tactical Clippy should be awarded to everyone

During last weeks Alpha Pack event, at the start of reset the weekly ultimate challenge was incorrectly labeled as the Sentry Stance from the very first week of Season 2. All progress made towards that weekly ultimate for awhile was reset upon a couple of hours making all of that progress (as well as challenge swaps that couldve been purchased) moot. Like with the Tactical Ops event giving all participating players the ultimate for the week (backdrop) and swaps due to event challenges not progressing, I think the Tactical Clippy charm and challenge swaps should be awarded to everyone who participated in the event as a good faith gesture and refund for any monetary loss spent on challenge swaps due to faulty software.


I think all weapon charms should be removed for how annoying they are.


I disagree only because I unlocked it.

I am tired of things I unlocked being given away because something gets messed up though.


So shouldn’t the “compensation” be the Sentry Stance?

After all, that is what people wasted their time trying to earn and had taken from their grasp.

Everyone else had 6 days and 22 hours to go for Clippy.


I wasted time grinding out 10 challenegs before it was reset. I knew it was probably a bug but the reset totally ruined all motivation for me to get it because i didnt have time to grind out later in the week.

Disagreeing simply because it didnt affect you really isnt a compelling argument for something wrong with the state of the game and how inconsistent the experience is, sorry.

I really don’t think Weapon Charms should be a Ultimate Challenge reward, should just be only for Weapon, vehicle & Armor coatings, Visors & Armor pieces

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It’s pretty much the only one I’ve really gone super hard for.

I get that it zapped your motivation but there was still a full week less a couple of hours for you to get it.

They should give out a couple of swaps at most.

I disagree. Considering the state of Halo Infinite, they should really be doing everything in good faith due to the inconsistency of the challenge system. People spend money on this game and for them to constantly be messing up, whether it be challenges not progressing or straight up reseting progress is a slap in the face to the consumer and we should be deserving of a better system. It is completely unnacceptable that one of the monetary systems of the game is a complete dice roll on whether or not it actually works and legitimate currency is straight up vaporized out of existence.

idk I kinda’ like having hard-earned that stance the first week


That is a weirdly selfish sentiment lol.

It the same logical line that PlayStation fanboys get extremely butthurt then exclusives are released on other platforms. Lol

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Because I disagreed.

I couldn’t careless if they gave it away to everybody.

I would rather they didn’t since I put in the effort to unlock it even after my challeneges were reset.

What do you call wanting the charm unlocked for free because you didn’t finish the challenges?

My comment may have been selfish but it certainly wasn’t weird. Your comparison is weak.

And again - unlock it for everyone - I definitely do not care that much at all.

I’m fine without that crap…

It happened within a few hours of the start of the event didn’t it? The most they should give anyone is a reimbursement for any challenge swaps they used and that’s it.


I agree, but the challenges system for weekly prize is still not ideal. In a way I’d rather they kept putting meh items until they hopefully update it.

Yeah, im sorry but this is just an issue in a long list of issues currently making the experience an inconsistent one. Just because it doesnt affect you doesnt mean this isnt something worth fighting for - we need an experience and progression system better than this.

Charms are fine. But weapon and vehicle coatings should just be shop items.

“hard earned”
RNG challenges and challenge swaps are a thing

Pick one

Of course its a me problem. Do I have to preface everything I say with a IMO? No I don’t, don’t be ridiculous. 343 has set a precedent of giving weekly challenges before due to their faulty system and I’d like to know where the consistency is.

If you have nothing compelling to say, just say that. But when this broken system affects you AND THEN it becomes a problem, I’d like to know where that line is drawn.