Tactical Assassins

We are currently a Halo: Reach clan but we are planning to expand to other games. We like playing Custom Games and Matchmaking together so all you have to do if you want to play a game is join our party.

We also have a group within the clan called the Oracle Foundation and we forge maps. Tactical Assassins help with this by testing the maps making community made maps much better. If you wish to join us contact me on these forums or on XBL.

I’ve never been one for clans, most of the time they’re filled with kids who yell :l

Good luck finding people though :smiley:

I’ve been in many clans like that and really this isn’t a clan its more of a Community, as we are so relaxed about everything. We got the name from AC though so that’s why it sounds like an “MLG” Clan

good luck on your endeavour I hope I can still play on a few of those gems you made with forge :slight_smile:

Thanks. And I did like your clan, it just didn’t seem right leaving my friends I’ve known for years.