Taco Bell Amigos Recruitment

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New company looking to build a solid community of Halo 5/Halo Wars 2 players.
One of the goals is to eventually obtain Achilles Armor, but that is simply a goal. We are not a clan that believes in pushing our members to play everyday. We understand if real life issues make it difficult to play everyday or even every week. We aim to be extremely understanding of your issues, and do not want to hover the fear of being kicked over your head. As long as you communicate your problems to us. I built this company after seeing the “kick happy” leader far too often in other companies.
All in all we are a company who looks forward to building a community we can take forward in Halo 5, and eventually carry to Halo 6. We are competitive, but nobody will be removed for being “bad” at the game. As long as you play your best, and carry yourself in a respectful manner we will have no issues. taco bell amigos