Tac Ops new store items? 343 quit lying

So will somebody please tell me what items in the store now this week are “event-related” to tactical ops? Because Anubis returns, cat ears returns, the same bland daily returns. Ok there’s some new blue & white AR and vehicle coatings, but whoop-t-do, that’s nothing really new, just a different color. I don’t see anything that screams tactical ops event items to me.

This is what was said in the release news:

Complete event challenges and unlock up to ten unique cosmetics for your Spartan, including the Mark V ZETA helmet for your Mark VII core. This new take on a beloved classic helmet is not to be missed, and it comes with a variety of other tactical gear—check it out in the image below. Additional event-themed items will be available in the Store.

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Didn’t they put some stuff in the store a few weeks ago that looked sorta tactical ops themed? Am I going crazy?

No the past few weeks have been rinse / repeat items

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Ah, so I am going crazy. Good to know :slight_smile:

I noticed this event will be two weeks?
So, in the true spirit of F2P, maybe it’ll get better in a while? ( Items will be in for the next week? )
You are aware on how technical i343 are with things, right?

From a marketing stance it makes more sense to release the buyable stuff at the start of the event, at least imo lol but I am not one to give marketing tips to a company who gutted their game and spat in the fans faces

Well, they might add stuff to the daily later this week. Not honestly everything 343 says from this point forward should be taken with a MASSIVE grain of salt and the possibility that it’s a load of crap.

Oh I’m well aware of the ongoing glaring issues. I’m only stating that I simply don’t see anything related to a Tac Ops event in the store this week, despite their own employee writing that the store would have related items, which on the contrary, there’s nothing new. Tenrai there were related items, Cyber Showdown there were related items, but this, I see nothing new/related. Ok there’s a new AR coating, but guess what, the AR aint in SWAT and has nothing to do with it.

I’m not sure how some of the challenges are going to work for the weekly either. I thought someone said they needed stalker rifle kills for a challenge for this weekly, but yet 343 said they’re not introducing that mode until next week? So are we going to have 2 different weekly challenges? Or is the weekly challenge for the green visor running for 2 weeks now? They tell us nothing

What I mean is that they may introduce Tac items next week, and still be correct with what they wrote.
Technically the first Battlepass is free, they say something, we expect whatever we can from the text but what they do is completely different than what’s expected, and yet in some bizzare way, true to what they said.

It’ll work like it did with Attrition?
Complete all challenges this week, get the green Visor.
Next week there’ll be a bunch of new challenges and weekly item, with TacOps event challenges in the mix.