System Link

Have any of you guys had luck with a good old fashioned Halo party? Like many of you I’m sure, a lot of my Friday, and Saturday nights in Highschool were spent at halo parties with CE, and then moving on to Halo 2… Naturally when this game came out I was so ready to host a sweet halo party again…even though were all working on 30 now LOL. We planned it out ended up getting like 7 xbox ones, and like 12-13 guys, a crapload of pizza and dew… were all ready, Never even got to play one game. NAT type kept going strict…people couldn’t join the game, or connect to party…started at 5-5:30Pm and finally gave up around 9pm still not able to get one game going…I have read the forums, I understand there is some type of auto detect LAN feature at least thats what some people are saying. Others are saying that LAN is not an option on Xbox One…I have to disagree as I bought COD Ghosts on with my day 1 Xbox One and that had a system link option. I guess this is not a top priority…I am a little bit baffled as to how they have a competitive scene going without system link. You know those guys play with their controllers wired to avoid latency, and have to play on 1ms Asus ROG monitors? Cant see them dealing with online lag… Playing Matchmaking is good, its working fine for me at this point. But I think we all can agree that nothing beats playing face to face. Just want to know if maybe I’m missing something… I have scoured the internet and have gotten nowhere. Thanks guys/gals!

I haven’t even tried yet on the One. Not enough of my friends have one to try and if offline system linking is not an option we’ll just continue playing on 360 and they probably won’t even get an Xbox One.

From what I understand, there is a pseudo-system link functionality but it works using Live to setup the lobby(which is stupid; why add another step in the setup process for something to go wrong). It’s probably this way because the game was in development when Xbox One still had the always-online DRM.

Yea I don’t really understand what I do know is that hooking up multiple boxes especially if you want to do some BTB is absolutely impossible. I’m not really sure what effects NAT type when I’m alone it is always open but when I had that many boxes on it went straight to strict. I have a really nice Netgear Nighthawk router and 100Mb down Internet Service. I just wish they would have kept it simple.

I just spent hours on the phone with Xbox support and have found that the system link option is not supported with the 360 immulator, so no great halo parties will ever be done with the Xbox 1. I spent hours installing all of the system link games I have on 4 Xbox 1’s thinking I would be able to do the same thing, also disconnected all of the 360’s to make space only to be disappointed. Looks like the 360 still has purpose if you wish to do system link and have a local large number of player party.

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