System Link Memories HC:E

I swear to god i was in bed going to sleep, then this game came into my mind :slight_smile:
well i remembered what was the gameplay like in hce.
besides the time we always used to keep an eye on for the power ups, WE always were using granades to make the sniper or rocket fly to my spot!!
do you guys remember that on hang em high, or beavercreek or whereelse ever it was happening???
whats it gona be now?
trust me guys, ima little older then the usual halo player, and freaking excited about the game :slight_smile:

please 343, make us a playlist with no armor lock evade …

ofcourse pistol is a must BE !! think of ur fans from day 1 !!!

is there gona be a beta ? how do i apply ?

p e a c e

sorry for my english its my 3rd language

Man I remember carrying my xbox to my friends house so many times. And English as your 3rd language? I’m jealous.

dude we used to have lan partys every freaking weekend here
we all modified our pal consoles so we can paly ntsc , because it was so much beter then the slow pal version

good old days

If only I could be a part of this…
I feel bad that I only played the campaign and didn’t get to be a part of Lan-Parties… I had to start with H2…

Ahhhh the memories…

My one bedroom apartment at the time had twice as many TV’s and Xbox’s as my 4 bedroom house does now.