Symbiotic Spartan and you

The Symbiotic Spartan company is looking for employees to join in our fight. We are a mature group of games with a range of life styles and attitudes. So if you are interested in joining our group here are a few key points to thing about before making the move.

  • Looking to join a group of gamers - A mature gamer with a minimum age of 18 - Willing and able to play alone or with a mixed group of people - Will play either arena or warzone with fellow members or even by yourself - Able to communicate clearly on a micEvery one has there own skills and play styles we do not make fun of if you cant keep up. This is why we do encourage practice and map memorization we offer advice while playing or in a privet game session to help improve ourselves witch improves the team as a whole.
    If you are interested in joining our company or knowing a little bit more about us and maybe joining us in a few games to see if we suit your style send me a msg and we can give it a shot and hopefully recruit you into our company.

GT: CrypticLegion