Swordbase Remake By: H2O ObiJeff

Hey ladies and gents. If you have not already played on it my perfect remake of Halo Reach’s Swordbase then you should its a lot of fun and a few hidden gems on the map as well. If you are looking for this map it will be located in my file share under the name HR Swordbase v4. You can also try typing in my Gamertag H2O ObiJeff and you should find it. Well also here is a video of it. I hope to be making a few more very hard map remakes very soon so stay tuned and be on the look out for more. Video here.

Going to have to check this out when I get back.

I enjoyed Sword base, it was just the players sacrificing themselves on the lift.

yup good time indeed. BS Angel would own in this map.