Sword or hammer?

I like ti be sneaky with the sword.

griffball hammer, any other time sword

whats your point in making this post? to ask who thinks what is better?

In a sword v hmmer situation, hammer, my personal preference, sword

A sword is the soul of the samurai . . .

Sword because it by default makes you move faster and has a further attack distance then the hammer.


Sword FTW


To assassinate I like the sword. It fits the stealth. But I enjoy bashing other Spartans with s hammer. Either of those kills is also followed with a -Yoink!-.
Why -Yoink!- on a hammer kill that wasn’t special? Well bashing players with a hammer is kinda cave man like and cave man would celebrate their kill afterwards.

Sword and prophets bane definitely. Such a wonderful weapon.

Sword for lunge range.
Hammer for close-range.