Sword/Grapple, Gravity Hammer/Grapple combo rebalance

Given the fact there are new elements, equipment and such added to Halo Infinite that hasn’t been seen before there seems to be in my opinion balancing issues with the power weapons.
Namely the Sword & Gravity Hammer. Their energy usage seems to be a lot more than previous games. Not only this their range has been greatly increased so if you don’t have a repulsor you are in a great deal of trouble.
But if you add the addition of the grapple hook to these weapons it just makes some game modes an absolute nightmare to play. Energy swords and gravity hammers have forever been considered noob weapons but they have always been able to be countered with other weapons if you time things right. That just doesn’t seem the case in infinite.
I’m just throwing this out there, there needs to be a range decrease on these two weapons or limit the equipment on the grapple hook from 5 to 3 if not either of those then reduce the energy usage of those weapons.