Sword Clashing In H4

Reach style: You clash and if evenly matched, you both die
Halo 2-3 Style: You clash forever if evenly matched
Or you just don’t care
Or you have a different suggestion to how it could work?

Edit: I had a poll fail my bad

I prefered Halo 2 and 3 style.

Plasma grenade is my friend in sword fights!

I liked Halo 3’s style.

> I liked Halo 3’s style.

You seem to be in a great mood today. Just saying. =)

Yeah I think I like Halo 2-3 style as well. Someone has to slip eventually, and everyone is so persistent when you clash.

> I liked Halo 3’s style.

gives friendly shoulder grab, what has brought you into such a great mood today, my friend?

H3 style, but I’m also for the ole plasma 'nade option.