Sword block: Title update

Dear343 studious
I really appreciate the title update. The bleed through is great, the bloom is great, the armor lock bleed is great, even the active camoflauge limitation is great. But please please I beg of you to not change the way you can fight the sword off. That made infection so great. Even multiplayer. In previous games the sword was overpowered, so this was a great idea of Bungie to add this. I know you are in charge of halo now and I think you are doing a great job, but please reconsider the sword idea.

The Sword Block change was made mainly to be added to the Anniversary Gametypes for Halo CEA.

It is 99.9% certain that Sword Block will stay in Vanilla Playlists for Reach.

It seems that many people at Bungie had a similar sentiment as they were developing Reach. But given the general reaction that the community has had to sword block, 343i made the right decision in being able to toggle it.

I agree that for gametypes like infection, sword block has its place. It adds an extra dimension to the normally dry shotgun-sword standoffs. However, sword block adds an additional element of randomness into close-quarters combat which I believe is detrimental to competitive gameplay (especially with armor lock and frag grenades).

As the playlists continue to evolve post-TU, I’m sure we will see the inclusion of sword block rightfully removed in some playlists, while still remaining in others.

Sword block is a crutch. Is it really so hard to just kill a Sword user before they get close to you?

Especially in Infection. You have guns. Even the Shotgun has a nine-foot range advantage over a Sword lunge. Why should the Zombies’ only method of killing be a gamble, when Humans already have the ability to kill Zombies from outside of the kill range?

The game is Human-friendly enough. Sword Block allows Humans to get away with sloppy teamwork, low situational awareness, and bad Shotgun timing, while turning Zombie attacks into a dice roll. If there’s no Magnum Block and no Shotgun Block, then there should be no Sword Block.