sword base aka broken infection base

all sword base needs is a kill boundry up on the ledge i dont really see how hard it is to fix this broken map it wouldnt even take five minutes am i right? i dont even play infection anymore becuase everybody ppicks swordbase over and over and go stright to this spot and the zombies cannot infect them because they cant get close without getting shot in the air the only time someone gets infected is by luck and just this fact has made me udderly disgusted with the living dead playlist if you support fixing this write your opinions here.

It has been addressed for the most part. Apparently you can still get way up there and camp but that fix will have to wait till the next update.

sword base is still broken becuase those bad kids found out how to use the old campers ledge and get to a new ledge using the old ledge now all i say is switch the soft kill with a hard kill and that will fix this map for good
if you agree post here

While they are at, they might as well put in a soft kill barrier at the top of the yellow lift also. There really isn’t much you can do to Sword Base to make it non-campable and ledgecessible.

Sniper is now the map’s biggest issue.

Sword Base has always been, and always will be broken. Although adding the sniper does promote map gameplay, yellow lift is still camped too often.

The sniper breaks it even more. Now, if top team has sniper, the team without top control can’t even use the ramps and stairs, or they’ll get picked off.

Sword Base is broken. Has been since this game’s release. I don’t know if it can be salvaged or not.

It plays okay for swat, that’s about it.

The map needs some actual geometry changes. The yellow lift room and the room across should be open to the center of the map. Maybe just a few pillars for cover. That would be a start. But that would be a huge change that will never happen. SB just isn’t very well thought out.

i personally think the best map is arena zelot becuase there is no camp spots and it balences zombies and humans equally