Sword and vehicles in fiesta

Take out both the sword and vehicles from fiesta game mode would instantly improve the fiesta experience. I bet if 343 looked at the data sword kills probably top the charts followed by rockets. And vehicles should never of been implemented in a random gun game mode.

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One team getting power weapons (Energy Sword, Rocket Launcher, Cindershot, Skewer, Sniper Rifle, Gravity Hammer) and power vehicles (Tank, Wraith, Wasp) while the other isn’t getting those is what’s making Fiesta not as fun for me.

However, removing them entirely would make the mode less chaotic and fun.

I think one thing that might help is removing the ability to restock power weapon ammo.

Like they don’t drop on the ground when you kill a person? That would suck for the other team.

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I think the lack of weapon variety in general is the issue; swords just pop up too often because there’s not enough guns overall.

I actually don’t mind the vehicles because at least I get to try them now, since BTB is completely broken, and they’re impossible to get now due to the wretched new drop-in system. Plus, they all explode in two seconds because the damage resistance on them is nonexistent.

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I’m saying ammo refilling for power weapons would be disabled.
You could pick them up, but you couldn’t use them to refill the one your holding.

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They also flip over too easily.

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I agree the lack of weapon variety is increased the likelihood of the current weapons spawning. I never understood why people hate it. I’ve seen people claim that the mode is unfair because the enemy team has rockets and swords or that it is for low skill players only. Yet whenever I have rockets there is a good chance I could loose it if the enemy out plays me.

I am indifferent towards vehicles in Fiesta, I don’t really get put into the maps that have them all that often. Maybe just have mongoose and razorback?

Woah… youre saying two of the best power weapons in halo would have the most kills in this game mode? Really?

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Holds Y intensifies

That would give more time for someone to stop them than there is right now.

No for the sword he’s saying it’s overpowered because the shotgun doesn’t counter it anymore, you can essentially get infinite ammo for it, you can grapple straight to people with it out and you are literally invincible to melee damage while lunging with it. Please try thinking,.

No. Swords and gravity hammers are the most fun things to use in fiesta. Leave them in. Nothing needs to be changed

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Vehicles. Yeah, like imagine spawning in Launch Site opposite of the side that has the Scorpion or Wasp; RIP