Switch to Party Chat...

I love the new switch to party/game chat button on the scoreboard but am I the only one that will do it by accident without realizing it?

So many games I’ve done that and just thought my friends weren’t talking.

Anyone else think the button should be changed to something less used?

One of my friends does this all the time and doesn’t realize for a good 5 minutes, but I’ve only had it happen once to me.
I guess the issue with changing it to something less used is… wouldn’t that just make it happen more often to someone on a different control scheme where that button just happens to be more common for them? What’s used often for one person is just going to be less often for another person’s layout, and vice versa.

None of my chat buttons have ever worked in Halo 5… I even have to go to view gamer card to mute people…

SO THAT"S why i could not hear my pal the other night, i was like WTF lol.