Switch grenade/equipment problem campaign

I’ve seen two more topics on the subject, but without resolve: I swapped my switch grenade and switch equipment buttons and now I no longer can select frag grenades in the campaign, because the switch equipment button is bound to that d-pad button. I would’ve preferred a cycle option for grenades, like in multiplayer, but I don’t see how to enable that in campaign. There is also this issue that I can’t do a custom key bind on the same controller button, though in default settings some buttons are bound to same (sprint and zoom level for instance). Anyone know how to solve this?


I have an idea that might be worth trying – You could use Xbox Accessories app to bind the Right D-pad to the left, and the Left D-pad to the right.

It may be confusing when you go to select your grenade in the next menu since the icon will be reversed, but it may help with opening the menu to begin with?

I wish they gave cycle options in Campaign, and also fixed the rebinds in the menu too, but this workaround may be worthwhile.

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Id prefer a radial selection personally.

Still, ive learned what is where so i can change, its just not fast enough when i need tk change quickly. Would like if it was radial and saw in “Spartan time” so we can change. For me its honeslty more equipment i need tk change faster thats teicky. Grenades doesn’t bother me as much as i typically alreadt have one equipped i jeed. I mainly use thruster and grapple, but when i need to change quickly on the fly, im usually flubbing it up due to how off it feels. Doesnt feel bad in and of itself, its when im literally in combat and need to quicjly equip thrusters

Yeah during a certain fight I had, switching between Threat Sensor and Grapple in combat felt clunky and I was fighting the UI to swap between equipment instead of doing what my brain wanted to do.

But changing the binds in game and having it remove the bind for specific grenades should be classified as a bug in my opinion.

Brilliant idea! I can load it as a profile to my elite controller, so I can easily switch back to normal if needed.