SWAT needs more maps. Classic maps would be a good start. SWAT on Lockout was always fun.

SWAT needs to limit the maximum number of local players to 1. This will allow new maps to be introduced without worry of frame rate lag as well as reintroduce the highly competitive nature of the playlist back to the population.

SWAT needs to weight DMR slayer types much, much higher than they currently are. The other night we got Magnums, Magnums, Magnums which everyone voted none of the above. The next set was Stockpile, Magnums, Magnums. These really terrible scenarios occur mostly when Uplink or Condemned are in the top slot. The first two choices should ALWAYS be DMR slayer with the bottom slot containing the less popular gametypes. I believe SWAT CTF could be quite enjoyable as well as Jetpack SWAT (Fly SWATer). Those are my picks for the bottom slot.

Elite SWAT. Elite avatar. Evade loadout. The only things I’m unsure about is A) What’s your secondary weapon? Plasma Pistol? B) How many supercombines should kill? Two or three? Two supercomimbines would be 6 shots which would be the same as the DMR. The Needle Rifle fires faster with a larger clip and allows teamshot supercombines so three may be more appropriate. I would like to hear opinions on this.

TL;DR - SWAT needs more maps and a higher weighting for DMR slayer.

I agree with you fusion i think that they need to put not only new maps but new gametypes. During the voting rounds there should be 3 or 4 sets to vote and on each set it should have the top map should be regular swat, secound swat magnums, and than third swat objectives. And if you think about it no one pays attention to swat because you play different playlists and there are so many new maps but swat hasn’t had any new maps or changes except uncage( which is a horrible map overall). Swat is the seound most played playlist but it is the most ignored i don’t know why but swat could come back with a lot more people playing it if there were more updates on it but theres none.

At this point I would be happy if we got some community maps in the SWAT playlist. Make it DLC required and put in Cybernet (Cyberdyne) by Randy and Camp Froman by Overkill.

I agree with you…But for goodness sake do not make it DLC required. It’s is annoying for ppl who don’t feel like wasting money on maps to keeep playing the game.

Also for halo 3 It was a stupid Gimmick that bungie did so you had to spend more money on them so you can play halo. Without all the DLC you can only play slayer and lone wolf!! I was so happy when reach came out and you can play all the playlists.

Plz 343 industries don’t do this to us

Yeah i dont think that it should be DLC required because than people who just bought halo wouldnt be able to just play they would have to pay more money just to play everything. I think they just need to put more maps at least that should be the first update out of everything. Cold your awesome lets work on getting OUR swat community better and get more people to play.

Another thing that my friend synchronical is talking to me about right now i was saying that there should be a new obejective type thats named like hardcore swat or something like that but what would happen is that there would be an objective like securing a territory or eliminating everyone on the other team. everyone would have 1 life and therewould be 5 or 7 rounds where you would have to try and get the one up on the other team and another thing that we were talking about is having smoke gernades in swat that dont hurt anyone but would disorientate the other team. having these rough ideas in the playlist or make a new hardcore swat playlist would give the swat pros and people who just love swat a new and challenging way of playing swat. And also the whole double pumble thing in swat needs to go i hate it when people just dont even shot me when i got around the corner and all they do is pumble me i think either having it a 3 hit pumble or 10 hit pumble would be fun for the fact it would be more skill based than anything else.

Another thing 343 since there has been no new updates or challenges in swat alot of swat pros are leaving swat to play something else because nothing new is happening

Well, this week’s challenge (Camp Froman, Indeed) made A LOT of people play SWAT. At times it was the playlist with the highest population with several thousand players more than in Team Slayer and Living Dead. And the outcries of people and their subsequent quitting when SWAT Magnums was selected was funny. “Y U VOTE 4 MAGNUMS?!? RAAAARGH!!!”


I think that afk players need to be kicked from games, they just stand around and give out free kills and i honestly think it ruins gameplay. I believe that the afk should be kicked after forty seconds of gameplay. Another thing i think should change in swat is that if a teamate on your team is getting no kills and still playing that there should be a team option to boot them from the game.

> Another thing 343 since there has been no new updates or challenges in swat alot of swat pros are leaving swat to play something else because nothing new is happening


They should have a two week SWAT playlist with all new maps (A LOT of new maps) and then 343 can decide which ones should go into the real SWAT playlist permanently. It’s very disheartening that the playlist with the highest population in Reach has had zero new maps added. If you are trying to bore your fanbase and drive them towards other games then hats off.

swat is definitly the most skilled playlist, people may not realize it, but it is for the fact that in slayer based games like team slayer and mlg the moment that someones sheilds drop the run away but in swat you cant just run away or your going to die and even though it is the mosted skills and most popular no one has done anything to it i have made a new gametype that i have tested a couple times and its fun. its called mlg swat nb. it is no bloom, only has 50% melee which makes it a 3 pumble kill instead of 2, its has no betrayal points taken away but you can still betray boot there is no suicide points taken away, you cant see anyones tag or name at all, when you die and respawn you have three secounds( which i am changing to 2) where you have sheilds so you cant be spawn killed, if you die your respawn time adds 2 secound but if you kill someone your respawn goes down 2 secounds which i put this in for when you have that one random who just keeps dieing not getting any kills it makes them respawn slower so that the team can get some kills before the random comes back and dies again.

It’s just funny because the one gametype where maps are the most important (because there is nothing on them, their layout is all that matters) gets none. Ironic.