put swat back on please and add halo 3 swat too the list

I’m there with you brother

They said the swat will just be temp taking out, i have no clue when they will be adding it back.

Please bring back SWAT!!! SWAT is a amazing Playlist for HALO MCC.

Agreed! SWAT is 1000x more fun than snipers, change it back!

I was muy sad when I saw swat was gone, again. 343 needs to get their -Yoink- together. It’s been out 3 months and are still messing around with it.

Hopefully SWAT is away for maintenance only and will return. I take it there’s no way we can check what the useage level were for the playlist?

I agree. Swat is mostly all I play and now I don’t even care to play this game until it’s back. It feels like there’s a bunch of 12 year olds that made and work on this game.

It really doesn’t matter to me if it SWAT or Snipers as long as we go to Halo CE - Halo 4 maps that are meant to play for the best exp, not just completive but casual as well. But so far 343 isn’t doing a good job with this by having that stupid vote system and not having each title in the mix.

Swat is my favorite playlist and I agree man it needs to be put back on matchmaking!

Swat is a very competitive gamemode which made Halo really fun please bring Back!


Swats my favourite next to team slayer and I have only had this game while swat has been out. I haven’t even had a taste of it yet on MCC! So I’m with you there.