swat tips

These swat tips are best for halo 5 but can some can be used for halo master chief collection and halo reach.
1.The most important tip is to always jump, jump to dodge and to attack if you jump up with your cross hairs pointing down already you have a guaranteed win… Almost.
2.Instead of turning round when being shot from behind use your thrusters to evade and turn around.
3.Always have your crass hairs pointing to the height of a Spartans head meaning you don’t have to move your cross hairs when coming into contact with an opponent.
4. Never sprint unless you know the coast is clear because enemy’s can shoot you before you have even had time to stop sprinting.
Are there any more tips from the community.

  1. Don’t make your entire post in bold. Everyone’s eyes will thank you.

Avoid ramps and if possible stay on top of them, take advantage of the little routes that people don’t people know and remember, people in this game NEVER look up.

All good tips.

-Another one is don’t push, let them come to you or if you do push, have a team mate backing you up.

-Use a mic, do call outs, 2 on my X, that sort of thing. Helps out the team and makes them aware of the where the enemy is.

  • Learn the maps and the routes people take. Most people seem to go the same directions. So you will know where they are at or be able to know how to get above them or behind them. ( wish this game had the map intel, like reach did where you could find the hotspots where most people died and learn where to get the most kills.
  1. Never jump, you are like a duck in the sky, easy to shoot down. Stay around areas with a lot of cover. 2. predictable evasion tactic. Use near corners.
    Good, maintain that position of aiming. So far that is only best tip here.

Stick to your team, watch every corner or hallway. Do not start the match running forward, remain at your location, aiming around corners toward the location of the enemy team. They will expect you to be charging as well, not waiting for you to appear in the cross.
Stay up on the high grounds or stair cases. Do not crouch. If you don’t kill within the first or second shot, move! away/take cover, dont continue. First or second should should always be a kill.

Don’t panic when you are being shot upon, you will be shot, nobody is untouchable. Dont expect one spartan to be alone, there will always be a second. Refrain from Spartan Charging and Ground Pound, dont care if you can. Do not watch the kill count, continue to fight. Above all, enjoy. You will lose or win.

Tip of the day: aim for the head :wink: