Swat tips and tricks

I’ve always loved Swat game mode, and even in Halo 5 it remains one of my favorites.
I placed Gold 2 in the August 2016 Season (wich I think is pretty average), and I want to know how can I improve, both technically (gameplay wise) and mentally.
Thanks for the help, and have a nice day.

Shoot first. SWAT can be ruff if you are slow on the draw.
Don’t chase, it’s better to cut them off at the pass.
Team mates will get you killed, bad or good they shouldn’t be too close too much.

Don’t ever be at an angle to one of your team mates or right behind them. Its a automatic double kill for the other team if you manage to be both with in some ones sight line.
Let them come to you, its better to hold an area as a team then run around alone and get picked off one by one. Find a good defensive position and hold it. Its not camping its map control.

Watch your back.

Thanks for the advices guys :slight_smile:

  • Controller settings are really important, find your best compromise. - Accuracy is the key, training is the only way to improve you. - Use a good headphones, it could save your life more than once. - You can give you a chance to win if you know the map, take your time to discover all of them. - Don’t forget to use dodge!
    We can play together if you want, I’m not an amazing player, but I LOVE this mode!

Teamwork. Communicate. Knowing where players are allows you to be ready to engage, instead of being surprised and trying to react. Most the time your dead before you can react.

With no motion sensor I like to watch for bullets flying across the screen. Assuredly an enemy is on one end of that bullet trail. You now have supreme advantage because you know where the enemy is—cut him off and kill him. Repeat.

Ive place onyx on swat more then once. Here are my thoughts…

I dont need to tell you that you need to be the first to pull the trigger. This is obvious. What you need to do is predict and be ready. That split second your opponent eyes goes from o_o to O_O you need to pull the trigger so their like x_x .

Unlike in Normal Halo, challenges work different in swat. Whats a challenge?
In regular Halo, when 2 spartans encounter each other in battle, they choose to challenge each other or flee. Usually when shields are low they flee other wise they challenge.
In Swat a challenge is a little different. The only true encounter challenge in swat is when 2 spartans unexpectedly encounter each other and struggle for the headshot.
My sensativity is at 3. (Default all around) just because your friends or the pros are going high sen levels doesnt mean its the way to go. Its a comfort thing. If you are making your shots and feel you need to increase, then raise it. You start missing headshots bring it down. Although these encounters do happen, i believe they are only half of your kills.

The rest are position and prediction.

Never have I played paint ball but i believe they take position and do suppressive fire on a spot in hopes of landing a shot on their target. That one shot that lands ,that hits. Takes out their opponent. Just like in swat. Except it doesnt need to be a headshot.

Similarly you want to do this in swat. But you dont want to lay any suppressive fire. You just want to look down scope at where you believe an enemy will pop their head. And pull the trigger when they are in sight. If you are camped out in a position, you will almost always have the first shot. This leads me to my next point… If you encounter an enemy scoping out a position (your position) do NOT. I repeat, DO NOT try and challenge him. You will lose 90% of the time. Further english, do not peak or your head will get popped. Its better to just tell your team your pinned down and to take the shot cause hes paying attention to your position.

Thats swat in a nutshell.

Another thing is when you and another opponent do a random encounter, and you decide to take cover. Once again , do not challenge. If they decide to take cover. You either scope where they may peak to take the kill or flee to a better position.

Heres a good example of my game in swat.

We get the rig map, we spawn stairs, engine 2, bunker side. The first this i do is go to Engine 2, and scope down the entrance to “Long Hall”. 90% of my enemys coming thru that door who try and challenge me, will lose. The only ones who wont die just got lucky and are just passing to other side of the hall. The only way to take me down is to go another route im not holding down. Usually my weakspot is SMG. I got astros though and listen carefully to hear if someones coming.

Positions like these are all over different Maps. Usually they are high points. Low points are usually death traps in swat and in reg game modes when challenging.

Thats all i got for now.
Hope this helps.

I’ve also learnt that pre-aim for the common spots where usually the enemies are can help a lot, and corner/shoulder picking can be a good way to bait a pre fire and than make a shot

My advice would be to get really familiar with the maps. If I see one of my teammates die in a map I know very well, I think about where I just came from and where spawns are then I can typically conclude where the enemy was coming from and headed to so that I can cut them off and surprise them.

Biggest thing when moving up the ranks though is winning the game, so your team will be your most important asset. I have had games where I went +10 on KD and still moved down because I was on a bad team and we lost. I have also had bad games where I am negative KD, but we won and I still move up. Just do the best you can do and play with a team you trust, you will be able to move up plenty.

Here’s some tips that are more than common sense, I’ve been champ in swat multiple times.

  1. Never sprint.
  2. Don’t reload very often.
  3. Always jump, just spam jump all the time.
  4. Learn the spawns on the maps.
  5. Scope almost all the time with the pistol, scope only cross maps with BR, almost never scope with DMR.
  6. Aim gud lol.

Sevennn basically nails all of it, but I’ll also add that you should learn to keep your reticle about head-height so that short-to-mid range engagements last no longer than the split second it takes you to fire off a shot. You’ll need to adjust for long-range battles, but hopefully you aren’t needing to deal with that too often except to take an opportunistic cross-map shot

It seems when paying swat some can shoot a longer range then me a longer distance actually which gets them to kill me first, my question is how do I get that type og gun if that is the issue?

  • Don’t sprint. - Use bumper jumper. - Use your thruster. - Don’t ADS a lot. - Keep your crosshair ready, expect somebody to round that corner.

> 2533274855928398;3:
> Don’t ever be at an angle to one of your team mates or right behind them. Its a automatic double kill for the other team if you manage to be both with in some ones sight line.
> Let them come to you, its better to hold an area as a team then run around alone and get picked off one by one. Find a good defensive position and hold it. Its not camping its map control.


Try and keep your reticle at approximately head height. Not needing to adjust your aim can save your life.
Also, try aiming with the left stick. It helps keep you mobile.

The advice that I’ve given myself has proven useful. If you don’t see the enemy in front they are most definitely behind. Doesn’t take a smart fella to figure that one out. Basically, if you have been going/looking one direction for even a short amount of time without seeing someone just turn right around and run the opposite direction. It has worked consistently.

We all know SWAT is not a game you stand still in. So if you haven’t seen anyone in a bit it’s a safe bet they are creeping up behind you.

As far as aim goes I try not to use the right thumb stick. Or as little as possible. Line it up where their head should be and be prepared to fire. Strafe strafe strafe.

Don’t sprint all the time, Reduce sprinting as much as possible and aim for the head, make sure you always have cover or something to hide behind before you start an engagement

  • Don’t sprint often, if at all; it’s the best way to get you killed. - Crouch jump instead of clambering. - Jump when going around corners so that the enemy has a hard time getting a shot on you if he or she is around the corner (plus height advantage). - Don’t take the obvious routes. - Know the map well. - Always be alert.