SWAT, Team Snipers

these are so messed up its not even funny Swat: the instant spawning creates spawn camping, its also like you need to walk around scoped to even get kills… Team Snipers: the idea is to not have team spawning but a smart spawn system where if there is a enemy near by you spawn where they are NOT! and whats with the one only load out why no active camo? or anything for that matter why only the UNSC sniper?

Team snipers in Reach only had the UNSC sniper as well.
Active camo for snipers? You must be crazy

Well no point complaining about Sniper since that’s gonna be gone in a few days, as for swat I’ve never had a problem with spawn camping yet, I usually always spawn out of site of the enemy team.

However for SWAT, it would be nice to have other precision weapons available instead of just DMR and BR.