Greetings, my name is Max, my gamertag is qw6.

I am currently ~1780 CSR rank in swat. I am looking for team mates to achieve champion rank with. My K/DA in swat is 5.3, I have been playing swat since halo 3 (achieved rank 49). Please message me on here, or in game if interested. Before you send the message, however, I would have you look at at the following preferences:

-Need to have a mic – I know it’s not a “preference” – but communication is VITAL.
-Prefer if you had a KD/A >2.0 in swat
-It would also serve well to have been, playing at least since Halo 4.
-Must have a winning attitude.

Im not trying to be a prat, but those are my preferences. Please feel free to send a message to me. Thanks! Happy playing!