swat spawns

I stoped playing swat cuzz of the spawns. maps suck and to open and also small. So this makes you get spawn killed 85% of time. So i say needs fixed. How about yall what do you think

I have to agree with this post there is a pattern I have been noticing, however if you want to avoid being killed whilst spawning your best option is to know the map, know your enemies location and be on the move once you spawn, however I have come across many spawns either it be myself or another player, where I will kill them vice versa, and they will literally spawn directly infront of my, for me to conveniently kill again, it will only happen once but that once can change the game from a win or a loss, I feel like it’s to do with the height or distance of you to them, for example, in Plaza, I can hide up in the cafe areas roof bit, and the same player will spawn from tram street twice and i’ll kill them both times, however they do have the fair knowledge that I killed them once. Also the same problem on Rig, where I will stand at the staircase beside the walkways outside, and a player will spawn underneath the position across with the tunnel and I will kill them twice.

Swat used to be my favorite gamemode in Halo. However, the Swat spawns need fixing.

  1. Spawning over and over again and repeatidly getting shot in the head because you’re spawn trapped is infuriating.
  2. The maps for swat are incredibly small as compared to previous Halo games, and offer little to no cover from enemy fire.
  3. Having the BR as the default weapon for Swat is terrible. The BR is incredibly OP. You only need one of the three shoots from a BR burst to hit someone for a headshot. This means actual skill, shot placement, and accurracy no longer matter because you can bunny hop around spraying from the hip hoping for that one stray bullet from a three round burst to hit (which it almost always does). Bring back the DMR as the default Swat weapon please, or at least let us choose between the two (like in Halo 4).
  4. Swatnums appears way too much. Alot of people don’t like using the magnum.
  5. To fix #4 allow us to pick which variant of swat to play via voting in the game lobby (like Reach and Halo 4).
  6. Enable a 3-5 second spawn protection to those killed 2 or more times in a row.
  7. Create bigger, more diverse maps with better cover, sight lines, and spawns (or let the community give it a go in forge).
  8. I can’t stress this enough, bring back the DMR.

I agree 100% with Urzu Two, on every point.

I love SWAT and will continue to play it. But so many people I know have stopped playing it for the very reasons you’ve listed.

I get that having only two game variants in SWAT means one will occur more than the other, but it’s ridiculous. SWATNUMS comes up at least twice as often as ordinary SWAT, and occasionally you’ll play pistols twice on the same map. This is a huge pain.

Some of the maps in SWAT I feel are ill suited to the gametype. They are too small and too open, and with instant spawns it’s all complete chaos. SWAT is fast paced without all that. Before SWAT can actually be SWAT these need to be addressed terribly.

The spawn time seems to be everyone’s strife, as well as shoddy respawn places and confusing map structuring. Make the respawn time at least 3 seconds long for everyone to get their bearings and less nauseating, make the maps a little bit more simpler whilst keeping its interesting design and make the respawn placements erratic and everywhere like it used to be.

Other than that, SWAT is hella fun

It seems to be a massive problem that no one is happy with. Hopefully there will be a fix soon

the reason this happens a lot in swat is because from what i have experienced is you spawn on a team mate rather than a select point what i think should be added is particular spawn areas that you spawn in only if there are no enemy or opposing players nearby and only when these areas have these players you should then spawn on a team mate.

instead of spawning on a team mate in combat as you end up being in the cross fire from when you spawn in. you will spawn out of immediate combat.

but i am sure that 343 are working on this as its a popular topic of discussion.