'SWAT' problem.

I’ve seen in my recent matches that in the killcam the reticle goes red and indicates an enemy before I have turned the corner or come into sight and during gameplay they start fairing from beyond the radar’s radius and when I’m behind a wall.I have no idea what this is about but it is making playing swat very annoying.Thanks for helping.

thats because the kill cam isnt that good of a thing. That doesnt happen in actual gameplay. try testing it

A single spartan sounds like an elephant is is walking over metal, This way a skilled player can hear from the sound if a spartan is coming.
Or they just have really really quick reflexes.
I hope this is what you meant if not please use some dots :stuck_out_tongue:

The killcams are unfortunately affected by lag, you really can’t trust anything that they show you.

Turtle Beaches & Astros. They’re really great for hearing your surroundings. I have the Astros, so when I hear footsteps, I can tell where that player is without having a radar.

“Oh, he’s 7 yards above me to the right.”