Swat playlist rank stuck.

I was recently champion in swat and regressed back down to Onyx after not playing for a few days. My swat rank is now Onyx 1944 and will not move at all. I have won games against higher rated onyx players as well as champions and have not moved from Onyx 1944. Was wondering if anyone else was experiencing this glitch and if not I wanted to report this problem I’ve encountered. Thanks.

We’ve won more than a couple, we’ve gone on runs and everyone even champions in our party have ranked up and not him. It’s also not his stats because he’s doing very well.

This is happening to me right now, very annoying.

This is happening to me too. After I lost a game and it went down it seemed to reset. It then broke again and I quit a game to try and reset it but it only reduced my car and didn’t fix the issue.

I’m usually the top performing player in my champion group and I’m don’t rank up nor down. This is silly that it has happened to me twice.

Please fix this. I would rather be reset back to 1500 so I can work my way back up.

Same problem. My onyx number doesn’t change when I win or lose in ffa. Help!