SWAT Players

Looking for more players to get some headshots with on SWAT. Add Hstar913 and send a message or just leave your gamertag here.

I got 50 in SWAT in Halo 3 and am looking forward to SWAT in 4… Name is Ravis is Chaos so I’ll add you and talk a little about it all. I also have a mic.

Sweet, I think I got up to about 29 before I stopped playing Halo 3, of course I didn’t start playing swat until a few months after I had it but I was so pumped when I saw it on the playlist. First game I played I went 24-5 or 7, something like that but it was a great feeling just poppin’ off headshots. I also have a mic and will probably be on later tonight 7 or so EST.