Swat Onyx/Champ CSR

I consistently get 1-5 CSR for winning when I play with teammates in swat, and lose 15-30CSR for losing and this happens consistently across opponents in a range of top 10 champion and 1500 onyx rankings. Other teammates consistently gain 10 CSR and lost 5-15 CSR in the same games and frequently pass my ranking due to my “CSR Lock” where I gain 1 CSR per win while my teammates of higher and lower rankings gain 10 CSR per win. My primary complaint is consistently getting 1 CSR for a win while 2 of my teammates gain 10 CSR and as long as we remain in the same fireteam the same 2 people keep getting 10 CSR for winning while I only get 1 CSR for every win, then during a loss I lose 20-30 CSR while those 2 teammates lost 5-15 CSR. So those teammates that previously gained more CSR than me also consistently lose less CSR than me. This has happened where the person getting CSR is higher ranked than me and also lower ranked than me, and I have not been that person is over 100 games. This is frustrating because it seems disproportionately difficult for me to increase my rank and disproportionately easier for me to lose my rank.

For me it’s like for your friends I get more for winning than for losing