SWAT on haven

in my opinion haven is possibly the worst map for swat. The gameplay can be summed up with “walking around corners with your BR scoped in”.
Thats all that ever happens.
its really really boring…

there is actually a lot of unique strategies you can use on haven, even in swat. Haven has some cool jump tricks that let you cover one side of the map to the other in seconds. Check out some Haven jump trick videos on youtube.

edit: also, i noticed ur gamertag is globalhawk. do you happen to work on them? Im Avionics on the RQ4. Just curious.

The map has a lot of clever sightlines that allow you to take some nice cross-map shots on unsuspecting targets. If you’re getting sick of close-range skirmishes, it never hurts to try and shoot through the gaps and windows embedded in several of the side paths.

I think Haven is the best map for SWAT. Small, good for BR users and DMR’s users.

Plus, it’s a good map.

Walk backwards. Shakes things up a little.

OP, try going into Haven with a party if you can, because it sounds like you are getting spanked by tryhards every time you play it. My KD is garbage, so I don’t really care, but I always try to go in with a party so I know that I will do better. Randoms suck when you go in alone. Stolen kills, no communication, corner-campers, etc. Seen it all, and I still fall for it.

Haven is a good map, by the way…