SWAT OMGWTF questions...

Couple of questions about SWAT…first of all, why isn’t there a limit as to how many points your team can be down when you randomly get thrown in a game? I just got put in a game where my team was down 33 kills and the opposing team only needed 7 kills to win. Obviously there is no possible way to come back at that point, so why even do it?

Secondly, what are SWATters obsession with Adrift? Seems like 75% of matches are on that map, and it’s not even a good map for SWAT…just people circling around the perimeter or camping.

At least your not stuck on swat complex.
Roof top rape city!
Id rather play on adrift for once

That’s how it works. They put you in the games that are missing players. And obsessed? Adrift is one of my least favorite maps for swat