Swat: Never a full team anymore

It seems like swat never has a full team either on one side or the other. I have played 5-6 games today where we played a single player for 15 mins. It really isn’t any fun for either side.

Running around trying to track one player down an entire game is crazy and vice versa trying to tackle a four man squad by your self.

I give major props to the players that stick it in to the end. I don’t blame those players who don’t quit and fight to the end. I don’t know if its just players quiting, to many banned players or not enough people playing but I my self am finding it hard to want to continue playing swat.

Let alone the ranking system. I don’t understand why you will rank players up just for winning. It shouldn’t be that way I don’t find it competitive to play against a team were we win within the first 6 mins of the game or I or another player is holding 85% of the player kills.


I don’t get a full team on slayer either. Kinda disappointing.

I don’t mind playing swat with (my team) a team missing one or two players. Easier to win… in some cases.
Buuuut that might be a little frustrating for some players