Swat leaderboards, Summer 2018 season.

There’s a player who lost all 10 SWAT placement games & now he’s Champ 1. A bug, maybe?

He is also Onyx with 0 wins 0 kills in another playlist.

tRuE sKiLl 2 WiLl bE bEtTeR
0-10 in games and 0-185 k/d and he gets champ 1?

It’s not a bug. The account is a smurf account that was trying to cheat the system to rank lower than it should have. The system caught on and ranked him high instead. Basically the system prevented that account from being an effective smurf.

In the future, such accounts will suffer consequences, but those punishments haven’t been implemented yet. More info can be found here, and here.