SWAT is ridicoulous

I don’t like rage quiting but today I had to. SWAT has become has become atrocious, I was spawn killed about 7 times in my last game just because I spawned in the same spot every time. I’d like to discuss some problems with the gametype. First of all instant respawn needs to go it destroys the game, it causes players to reach their death point too fast especially along side the already horrible spawn system that puts you near your enemies. Next take out complex, SWAT maps should always be symmetrical. This maps sight lines are also to large, which encourages DMR spawn killing and camping. Those are my main concerns but aside from all of that I’d like to discuss the weapons as well. So we have BR DMR and magnum, I know a lot of you don,t like the BR but Im sorry this isn’t mini snipes its SWAT. The DMR’s magnetism is ridiculous in this game; so much so that I was killed after taking cover. Now I’m not sure if it should be taken out completely but I don’t agrree with it being a load out. Personally I’d prefer all BR starts with maybe 1 or 2 DMRs on the map along with a few carbines,(give it some love).
This is just how I think SWAT should be handled.