SWAT is for BK's

SWAT is the playlist for kids that want easy and instant satisfaction because they are unable to produce any type of skill that would allow them to play Halo the way it was intended.

Merry Christmas.

or its just a fun gametype

Nah, its definitely for bad kids.

On the bright side, it teaches new players to aim for the head, instead of having them deem headshot weapons useless after they dump a mag into the enemy’s body with poor results and proceed to lean on the full autos as crutches.

Swat is just for who like swat.

Hardly, I’ve played Halo since 2003 and I play SWAT from time to time. It’s a fun game-type.

Merry Christmas

Sprinting through Sword Base, with a Magnum in my hand. Some head shots over here, some head shots over there.

Some noob is camping out in the room above the lift, I come around the corner and my K/D takes a hit.

Oh, SWAT is fun, SWAT is great, head shots take some skill, butthurt fanboys can deny it, but it’s valid still.

Oh, SWAT is fun, SWAT is great, it’s not going away. If you do not like it, though, Team Slayer saves the day!

Seriously, though. If you don’t like it, play Slayer. I like both.

I remember getting an extermination with just 4 bullets in H4 SWAT once. Good times…

Merry Christmas to you too Scrooge…

Anywho, SWAT is fun, plus it’s good practice for headshots after taking a break from FPS’s. If you don’t like it, don’t play it, but don’t say it’s for kids. If you’re good at SWAT, it means you’re good at headshots, which is an important skill in Halo.