Keep Swat as a permanent game type. That is why I love Halo.

They should definitely keep SWAT!!! it has been my favorite game type since halo 2.

It cant hurt to keep it up. I checked yesterday and there was about 45,000 people on it. It’s like the third most popular playlist. It my my number 1 “go to” game type

Yes but they should bump it up to 5v5. I can never find anyone it seems like.

Hell yes, keep SWAT. I also cannot believe Team Snipers is coming before Grifball. Gutted.

Couldn’t care less. SWAT is boring imo.

Meh, I don’t care either way. It’s got a lot of people playing it, good for them. But in my humble opinion it’s a dull headshot fest with little room for tactics, and I tend to feel like I’m farming kills on that playlist over all the Halo games. :confused:
Keep it if it’s popular, and it seems to be. :slight_smile:

Definitely keep it, but for the love of all that’s holy, fix matchmaking, so those of us that aren’t good players stop getting put against those that are ridiculously skilled. Getting to the point I just don’t want to play at all, since I get beaten down all the time. In Reach I generally held up my 1/4 of the score, in Halo4 I’m getting stomped continuously in 4 out of 5 games. Not even close.

I’m sure most skilled players aren’t terribly challenged by us low end players, and the low end players are getting incredibly frustrated, so how about it 343?

True! I am so excited for Griffball. Make the players happy. What are they waiting for…

I agree. There is alot they need to fix with multiplayer. I joined an oddball match that was like 4 seconds away from being over and got a loss… Hated that

Honestly, SWAT is fun from time to time for me, but at the current moment, I’m more into other playlists so I’ll vote no. Not permanently, but it should stick around as long as population numbers hold.

Why would they get rid of it?

I can respect that answer for your reasoning. But for the good of the community I would elect to keep it up due to the amount of people that enjoy playing it.

They say that it is rotational… Im not even sure.

I think it is totally worth keeping around… What is the point of getting rid of a playlist? Especially one that people play! I guess that if they made it so I could play it like once a month that would be ok… But I need a frequent dose of SWAT in my veins

I understand that they think the less they keep it around, the more players will come back when it is available. But I do not agree.