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Hello everyone, :hugs:
I state that
I love swat mode, but my question arises spontaneously … why didn’t you put this mode in ranked games?
If you can put it in for the fingerless poor like me who can only have fun shooting people in the head without radar without bombs just you and your weapon at players much better than me. :cat:‍:bust_in_silhouette:
If you can put it in the classifieds. :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:
Thank you very much we meet on the live ^ _ ^ :blush:

PC players would absolutely trash console players,

It honestly needs to stay out of ranked. I know it can be fun to play, but not in ranked.

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Going by some statements in the christmas stream that 343 did on the Halo YouTube channel it seems that due to system interdependencies it’s more difficult for them to add new ranked playlists compared to social one’s (we should not forget that they fasttracked many of the social playlists based on justified user feedback, over what they had originally planned).

So all in all: more ranked modes are coming and I hope they will mention it in the upcoming roadmap. As for ranked SWAT - to my knowledge nothing specifically has been mentioned yet on that mode.

Because SWAT is such a massive departure from the regular halo experience that sticking it in any other playlist is just begging for a bad time. If players want to play SWAT, they’re going to go to that playlist.