Swat changes and opinions

well, im happy they added it back. however there are some big problems i’ve seen so far, specifically i find that the maps feel obviously wrong for the game mode, being much to large for any kind of constant action. along with the spawns being fairly commonly bad. (spawning right next to active enemies) i feel like there might be ways to change it, maybe bringing teams to 5 to try and bring back more action. or maybe something else. i dont expect to get maps based on the game mode even though that would be the best option. and i dont expect huge map changes either, so honestly what ever they can do would be appreciated. also i know that they do have a couple maps that feel good for swat right now, but just a few doesn’t make it good. but as long as we don’t get the forge made maps from halo 5 i wont complain too much. also i dont appreciate the removal of the covenant carbine, the new one is lame.(but oh well)

I think swat would be awesome if they made it so you had a shield but it didnt recharge. I believe they completely removed it because they didn’t want you to get accustomed to having one that didnt recharge. period.