Swat bug?

The last 10 Swat matches I’ve played have not given me the option to choose a loadout. I always select the BR for Swat on Haven, but it is defaulting to the DMR and won’t let me change it before the match or after any kill.

Anyone else experience this?

Edit: It’s not even showing me the Choose Loadout screen before a match.

Well When you Die dosent it ussally say press Y to change loadout? Maybe you could do it that way?

Pressing Y after a death does nothing. It beeps like the click is registering, but it wont bring up the change loadout screen.

Hmm thats odd.

That’s happened to me as well. I don’t know of any ways to bring back the option to change classes other than backing out and joining a new lobby. Or just playing it through and waiting for a new game.

I’ve noticed this after playing a long session of Halo 4. The way around it is to press the start button and choose your loadout manually.

Otherwise, I’d suggest just dashboarding after a match and coming back to the game. That will probably fix it.

the only bug is the BR on swat. some of those kills are ridiculous and i’m talking about receiving them and when i get those kills. it’s crazy!

I’ve run into this issue as well. I just went to the dashboard to restart the game and it fixed the issue. Granted, this shouldn’t be the fix, but that’s what seemed to work for me.

try pressing start when you in game the click “select next loadout”