Welcome Spartans, and thanks for stopping by.
I am pleased to invite you to SWAT BOSS.
Feel free to Contact Orangeug1ad for admittance into the Company.

Our vision for SWAT BOSS is a team where you can find SWAT players at anytime, day or night ready to play SWAT and try their best to communicate, and WIN matches.
We want to make SWAT BOSS a friendly environment where you will not be attacked for being a new player, or having a bad game. A SWAT BOSS member should always be respectful to their fireteam members and the community. Be an ambassador for the game and grow SWAT/Halo as a whole. There is no need to belittle players or opposing teams. A new match versus 4 more players is just a few seconds away. Most importantly have fun playing SWAT!

We are looking for all time zones.
Like minded players will be considered for promotion to help recruit other like minded players to SWAT BOSS.