Swaps need a proper overhaul

Using a challenge swap indicate one important thing, the user do not want the challenge they’re changing.
That’s quite obvious considering the user is spending a Swap on a specific challenge.

Unfortunately the system has not been made to take that into account, meaning you can end up with scenarios like these two I’ve experienced.

1: Swap a “Get 3 Killjoys” and get a “Get 5 Killjoys”
2: Swap a “Get a double kill in Free For All” to a “Get 50 kills in Free For All”, swap that one out ( because I avoid Free for All when I can ), and get “Get a double kill in Free For All”.

I’d appreciate it if the system could be made so that it:
A: Doesn’t give you a Challenge from the same “tree”, so to speak, if I don’t want to get 3 Killjoys, I’m obviously not going to be overjoyed having to fish for 5 of them instead.
B: Remember which challenges have been swapped out, and not give new ones later on if you Swap several in a row to one you’ve already swapped, or one in the family tree as one you’ve swapped. If I swap a multikill in FFA, I do not want it again, and I do not want new Challenges which are multikills in FFA, just more than I had from the first swap.



Good suggestions. I’m personally hoping for an even more fundamental redesign of the challenge system that does away with the overall negative impact the current system has on the game, but these changes would certainly make challenge swaps seem more valuable.

As an alternative or in addition to your suggestions, I think one massive player-friendly improvement would be to make it so when a player spends a swap, they’re presented with an A/B choice between two similarly difficult challenges to swap for the one they’re ditching. For example, if you were going to swap out “It Bears Repeating” (Pulse Carbine 10x kills), the game could present you with a choice between a BR 10x kill challenge or maybe a 5x power weapon kill challenge. That would allow the player to feel that at least they have some power over what challenge they’re ultimately going to have to grind when they spend swaps.


Honestly its the challenges that need the overhaul more example :

All Tier 1 challenges should be get kills or get sticks or use this weapon ( no specific gamemode)

All Tier 2 challenges add a higher amount of these things you need to do and get a little more specific ( get a kill in the passanger seat with an AR

All Tier 3 challenges are gamemode specific things (get 5 flag captures / hold the ball for 60 seconds)

The final challenge for the week can be play this gamemode and complete XY and Z

this adds a challenge its no longer a unpredictable system as you know what challenges are gonna be the hard ones and for the right reason forcing to play objective and not something niche that requires you to throw the game in addition this would also make challenge swaps more reasonable anyway i think this is reasonable and allow for more flexibility until the spartan career and xp system is in place idk maybe im way off let me know what you think.


They should have 3 options for you to pick from but they wont cause swaps cost money, there are times I’ll buy 3 packs aka 6 swaps cause i don’t want to do the challenge given, and no joke nothing comes up worth doing, i burned all 6 swaps and had to buy more

You think they will fix that when they will make more money this way

I’ve already had 2 occasions where i used a swap and got the exact same challenge…


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Why do you even care?

You can’t do challenges anymore because you can only get games in quickplay and Fiesta.

No one plays

That would be an excellent improvement to have in tandem with what I’m suggesting.
So even if you don’t get alternatives you like, another swap wouldn’t yield something you’ve had before.

Indeed it does.

If enough people want it, they’re more likely to change it.

Now that’s rich, and another example of why Swaps need some work done in the background.

Because I want to enjoy Halo Infinite, and Swaps getting wasted because basic, logical, functionality is missing from Swaps, is something I don’t enjoy.

I did mine from Friday to Sunday, playing Ranked, Tactical Slayer, Fiesta, Team Slayer and BTB. Only in ranked did I have high que times.

I’m not one to defend Infinite, but that felt untrue this weekend.

I’m telling you people been calling for swaps to be worked on but it gets ignored cause it pushes you to buy more passes, with the weekly ultimate there is a push to make that swappable which would lead to more money in their pockets but still nothing, in the end of season patch notes what talk was there of challenges :thinking: none right, even though the challenge system almost got me to completely quit the game cause it became a job instead of a fun experience, then i drop money for swaps and get a crappy challenge that is sometimes worse than the one i swapped out
If they want to keep the challenge system they need to give as a reward 1 swap a day for completing your first match

I think it’s important to note that challenges should be fun. If the point of the weekly “challenge” is to get X number of xp, users should be able to choose from a pool of challenges they wish to complete and weight the harder challenges.


Allow users to select from a pool of challenges, order them how they wish to do them, and weight harder, more valuable challenges accordingly. Let casual users complete 150 easy challenges or experts complete 15 very difficult challenges.

This whole lottery BS with all the guesswork has to go tout suite, like yesterday.

i never really have high weight times sooooooooo gotta be your region i dont think people know what “the game is dead” means anymore people say that the second the game they play starts to decline or doesnt get youtube coverage ( example and i hate to say it but among us people say its dead but you can actively play it still) it feels like the game isnt truely dead until you have to wait 30 minutes or more for a single match across all playlists roughly

also i know he didnt outright say that but lets be honest thats what he was getting at with the no one plays this game they are basically the same comment at this point