Swaps need a major rework, the longer it takes the worse the game will be

They need to work on the challenge swap system, you get a challenge you don’t like swap it and get another or something worse, sometimes even get the same challenge you just swapped out (which they need to be removed from that pool if you already burned a swap to get rid of it)

Personally it would be better if they gave you 3 options to pick from as swaps aren’t cheap maybe if you can buy 4 instead of bundling it with the double xp (i have insanely to many double xp right now as is so season 2 battle pass will be done in no time flat and season 3 at this point as I’m closing in on 100 double xp) but swaps I’m almost always out of, i just bought 3 packs and burned all 6 swaps to get something i was ok with, i don’t mind putting money into the game but come on this system is trash as is

And don’t get me started on the one challenge we can’t swap (weekly ultimate) which i see them making that swappable soon as pitchforks come out everytime an objective challenge comes out but the whole system needs a work over

4 pack swaps in the shop (can do 3 sets, 4 double xp, 2 double xp and 2 swaps which is the standard now, ans 4 swaps) this gives players more freedom instead of locking them down
3 options when swapping out a challenge to pick from, instead of the 1 random but 3 random picks is beyond fair
Weekly ultimate needs to be swappable
Remove challenges when it is swapped from out of the challenge pool

These small changes would make things smoother and more enjoyable for players


Yeah, but how else are they going to get you to spend money on them?


They aren’t going to spend any time on changing them when they are already working on performance based progression.
Which we probably won’t see until we get a service record/“Spartan career”

So strap on your boots cause it’s gonna be awhile

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imo swaps arent the porblem, rather a symptom. If they set challanges up like they are in MCC, so able to work on them all at the same time instead of in a overly grindly chain, and made how you complete them stuff ya would do anyway mostly, along with sepreate preformanced baised XP, things wouldnt be anywhere near as bad on the challange side.


Players should be out of swaps by now so they will either rough it or go to the shop, this would actually make them more cash

What do you expect, the game is still running on the beta version, legit it’s still the same version from the flight
https://youtu. be/nAnHxg3xZZM

Remove the space cause some reason youtube isn’t allowed

Having swaps as an item that you pay for was a terrible idea to begin with, on top of the bad programming of how it’s designed to work. Simply giving you unlimited swaps that have a cooldown (like 3 uses every hour or something) would have been more consumer-centric, and we see similar ideas like this already used in various F2P games. But, we also see the terrible idea of having items like this cost more money than it should to bait purchases in many games.


Also, I know people complained that events were bloated with swaps and boosts, but now the only way to get them is to buy them!! This isn’t better!
To off-set that, especially since most of us are done with the season, give like 2 swaps every week. That way people can actually finish their unfair weeklys if they want.


If they are going to keep this garbage challenge system then they need to give daily swaps for free. Give everyone 3 swaps a day that reset every morning. Premium battle pass owners can get a bonus of 5 daily swaps or something like that.

Where do you see how many swaps you have? Am I going mad?

Swaps need to go. Period.

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Above your list of challenges.

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Oh so there it is… apparently I have 28.

Thanks - not sure how I never saw that before.

This progression system needs to go. Period.

Boy, if only 343 would hire us…

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It’s weird how the challenges are kind a like the progression system with the lack of a proper progression system.


Could be worse. I wasn’t aware of the XP tokens. Was playing one day with a friend and he was like “one sec gotta pop a xp boost.” I had no idea they existed. I apparently had 103 xp tokens and like 20+ boosts lol. Popped all the tokens and it jumped me from 70-95 lmao.

Ah the boosts - I never bought the battle pass so didn’t get any. Although my mate did and I still managed to complete the BP before he did.

But in our excuse we must be more interested in the game rather than gimmicks!

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I didn’t buy the Battle Pass, but I still got a few XP boosts.
I don’t remember where they came from though (might’ve been for BTB not working).

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Oh you already know anything to make a buck vs keeping players happy will always win the day especially for a live service

2 a week is to little, a free one a day as a login bonus would be more ideal, it would alone at least get players logging in for that alone