SW First Order Roleplay Clan recruitment

Recruiting for a Star Wars First Order role play clan. All players are welcome. We do raids, clan wars, and many other things, and are very casual. Please reply to thread or message guiKronos on Xbox if interested.
We have 3 branches with special sub-branches:
• infantry

  • scout sniper
  • heavy weapons
  • basic infantry
    • Armored division
  • light armored (speeders, troop transports)
  • heavy armored (TX tanks, walkers)
    • Pilots
  • TIE fighter pilots
  • gunship pilots
    Dark troopers (special forces)-
    • Versatile elite troops
    (All vehicles used will be working welded vehicles)
    Command structure:
    •Supreme leader (Kylo)
    -right-hand will be capt. phasma, who will double as leader of dark troopers
    •General (Army) and Admiral (Navy)