Suspected reasons why servers are down.

Chances are that BS Angel was practicing kickboxing near the servers again.

Xbox Live got hacked.

343’s servers got hacked.

343’s servers overheated.

343’s servers broke.

This problem will be explained after it is all over.

^Hence the guessing.

Forgive me if i missed a 343 post that explained the issue in another thread somewhere on this forum.

The Covenant are invading earth and nobody knows since we are on waypoint forums or raging at our xbox’s.

This was not spam.Just legitimate guessing.

Post your guess as too why the servers are going crazy.

I don’t know. It seems to be a bigger issue; it could be Xbox as a whole. I can’t bring up my friend’s list on here, it loads forever.

It’s not only Halo, it’s Xbox Live in general. When I saw servers were down, I went to play something else and servers were gone to hell as well.


i loled at the last option

Oh damn, we got hacked! I can no longer see my spartan avatar either…my world is ending!

Damn you Halsey, you wanted revenge and it had to be today…



> Gremlins.


Maybe some idiot at Microsoft spilled coffee on the servers.

Probably just a failed component somewhere. These things happen all the time.

Maybe some Foreign Military wants the code to the FOTUS without having to buy the console.

Arising made it to Washington and has damaged the servers in his unrelenting quest for love.


Maybe they are putting all the H4 maps and guns into the servers so we can get weekly hot fixes

There seems to be indications that is due to an error with xbox live itself but its always nice to speculate.It is sometimes surprising at what kind of causes are responsible for large problems such as this.

This is an issue that happend almost a year ago and it has happend again today. And at that several days later at my Bank I got motice from them that my Pin number was compromised but if anyone remembers from last year that also 60 major banks worldwide got hacked into. =S

> Damn you Halsey, you wanted revenge and it had to be today…