Survival gamemode

I was thinking if 343 Industries could add a new gamemode for multiplayer called Survival where you and your teammates try to survive waves of enemies such as Covenant, Flood, or even UNSC. I don’t know if that’s already a thing. If it isn’t, I think it would be pretty fun. As you progress to new waves it gets more difficult, enemies get stronger and get better weapons, vehicles, and more. Every wave, weapons should spawn throughout the map for you to use. If a player dies, he/she should spawn the next wave if his/her teammates survive the current wave.

Actually it is already a thing called Firefight.

But in Halo 5 it was more like do “x” or “x” or the time runs out and you lost. Don’t have a problem with objective but 343 really screwed that one up

what you described is called firefight mode unless you want something like horde mode which kinda the same.

I am 100% sure that no FireFight of any kind will be present at Infinite’s launch, or quite possibly even the entire first year. However, I do feel like when it comes, it will be pretty customizable compared to previous firefight modes. The most recent MCC flight has ODST getting customizable waves as well as the flood(finally). I feel like this will be how Infinite will follow any fireight mode of its own. I have faith it will be pretty lit when it comes. But when it comes…might be a long time.

Bip bap bam! Firefight.